Your actions are worth more than you know.

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“Our personal ripple effect is the power of one generating hope and change in others for a better world.”

—Laurie Buchanan, PhD


Who we are

Waves of Goodness is a private foundation committed to sharing goodness on a worldwide scale. Each act of kindness has the potential to create a desire in others to act with equal kindness, one good act leading to another, and another, and another.

Yes, you have the ability to influence the world. With a single kind act. To show you, we created a way to track your service with wavecoins.

One wavecoin leads to one kind act. Pass the coin on, and the process repeats itself. After the coin has left your hand, continue choosing one way to give of yourself each week. When each of us commit to continual kindness, we become the change we seek.

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Look what we can accomplish in one year—2,772,536 acts of kindness.