We want your kindness.

We want your thoughtful words, good deeds, friendly texts, and hopeful smiles. Join your efforts to a compounding charitable movement that will change the world.

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Register a new wavecoin ambassador.

You’ve had the wavecoin for a week and are ready to pass it on to its next ambassador. Complete the transfer by filling out the form with them. We challenge you to continue to do one kind act each week.

Request a coin.

You don’t have a wavecoin—yet. Let us know you want to be a part of the movement and we’ll contact you about wavecoin availability. In the meantime, start making kindness a habit now, by doing one kind act a week.



I will form good habits and become their slave.
— Og Mandino

One kind act creates impact.
A habit inspires a movement.

Your kind acts have a valuable effect on the world. What if you could multiply that influence? Waves of Goodness helps you shape service into a weekly habit that builds and builds. Your influence joins a community that will change the world for good.

Habits are powerful and transformative. As you give in kindness, you’ll notice the many ways others give back to you. Life increases in purpose, gratitude overcomes complaint and relationships deepen.

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